Injection systems of high-speed diesel engines and development trends
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Publication date: 2005-11-01
Combustion Engines 2005,123(4), 19-30
Current development of automotive industry is conditioned by the minimization of negative effects in relation to the environment. It results from the restrictions regarding exhaust emission limits which are introduced by the consecutive standards but it also guarantees market success of a given vehicle. Research carried out regarding customer preferences in UE countries have confirmed that during the purchase of a car they make decisions based on vehicle’s ecological properties and the safety of use in road conditions. Next such criteria follow as performance and durability which has so far been dominant. The analysis of the development trends of internal combustion engines clearly shows that the dominant engines are direct injection compression-ignition VGT engines. These engines have better work indices, significant values of total efficiency and most favorable ecological properties as opposed to spark-ignition engine. The obtainment of desirable utilization indices by diesel engine depends to a high degree from the injection systems applied in these engines. In the article characteristics of injection systems which are fitted in modern high-speed diesel engines as prime vehicle drive unit have been discussed. Systems with distributor injection pumps, with individual injection units and with pressure accumulators have too been presented. The requirements from injection systems have been qualified herein.
Internal Combustion Engine Technology and Applications of Biodiesel Fuel
Sroka J.
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