Investigation of volatile organic compounds in the cabin air of new cars
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Publication date: 2012-05-01
Combustion Engines 2012,149(2), 39-48
Potential human health effects of material emissions in new car cabins are of great public concern. In present work, four new cars with different equipment were tested to assess the nature of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with new vehicle interior. Air samples were collected on solid sorbents and analyzed using thermal desorption and GCMS/ FID. Different types of sorbents were applied to effectively adsorb VOCs. The maximal number of VOCs, trapped from the in-vehicle air, was identified and compounds occurring in air from cabins of all examined vehicles were selected and classified. VOCs emission from identified compounds was calculated and potential sources of identified VOCs were discussed. For aromatic hydrocarbons, the comparison of individual VOCs concentrations was performed.
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