Temperature influence on air quality inside cabin of conditioned car
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Publication date: 2012-05-01
Combustion Engines 2012,149(2), 49-56
In present work results of researches on influence of temperature on air quality inside vehicle are presented. One new car was tested in different atmospheric conditions, after conditioning in climate chamber. Air quality was evaluated on the basis of detected volatile organic compounds (VOC) and calculated as toluene equivalent. Samples were collected onto solid sorbents and examined, after thermal desorption, with the use of gas chromatography (GC) method with flame ionisation (FID) and mass spectrometry (MSD) detectors.
In-vehicle VOCs composition of unconditioned, newly produced cars
Krzysztof Brodzik, Joanna Faber, Damian Łomankiewicz, Anna Gołda-Kopek
Journal of Environmental Sciences
Benzene, toluene and xylenes levels in new and used vehicles of the same model
Joanna Faber, Krzysztof Brodzik, Anna Gołda-Kopek, Damian Łomankiewicz
Journal of Environmental Sciences
Evaluation of Typical Volatile Organic Compounds Levels in New Vehicles under Static and Driving Conditions
Ruihua Guo, Xiaofeng Zhu, Zuogang Zhu, Jianhai Sun, Yongzhen Li, Wencheng Hu, Shichuan Tang
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Numerical Sensitivity Tests of Volatile Organic Compounds Emission to PM2.5 Formation during Heat Wave Period in 2018 in Two Southeast Korean Cities
Geum-Hee Yang, Yu-Jin Jo, Hyo-Jung Lee, Chang-Keun Song, Cheol-Hee Kim
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