Types of internal Diesel injector deposits and counteracting their formation
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Publication date: 2015-11-01
Combustion Engines 2015,163(4), 79-91
The paper attempts to distinguish types of IDID (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits) with regard to the mechanism of formation, factors facilitating their formation and the method of identification. Investigations into their formation mechanism have been discussed in the paper. The results of the investigations into the chemical nature and probable source of these deposits have also been discussed. It has been pointed out that modern common rail fuel injection systems might be less tolerant to deposits due to tighter fitting tolerances, lower mass of parts and sophisticated injection strategies. Various approaches to IDID formation counteracting have also been discussed.
The impact of alcohol admixture with gasoline on carbon build-up and fuel injectors performance
Zbigniew Stępień, Ireneusz Pielecha, Wojciech Cieslik, Filip Szwajca
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Study of the various factors influencing deposit formation and operation of gasoline engine injection systems
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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Effect of PIBSI Chemical Structures of Various Molecular Masses on the IDID Formation in Engine-Dynamometer Testing
Zbigniew Stępień, Michał Wojtasik
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Mayte Pach, Henrik Hittig, Alida Ramden, Hanna Bernemyr
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Oxidative Deterioration Properties of FAME-Blended Diesel Fuel
Tatsuki Sugiura, Yoichiro Nakamura
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Can diesel internal injector deposits form via an electrokinetic mechanism?
Radomir Slavchov, Ivan Radev, Wladimir Philippi, Volker Peinecke, Stuart Clarke, Sorin Filip
Can Diesel Internal Injector Deposits Form Via an Electrokinetic Mechanism?
Radomir Slavchov, Ivan Radev, Wladimir Philippi, Volker Peinecke, Stuart Clarke, Sorin Filip
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