The article focuses on the problem of loading the combustion chamber of diesel engine pistons together with the method of its optimization using the DuralBowl technology. Along with the growing requirements of exhaust emission standards, the increasing competition in the efficiency of internal combustion engines, the load on the combustion pistons increases due to the increase in pressure and temperature of fuel combustion and the tendency to slim the structure. Numerical analyzes and analyzes of damaged pistons in diesel engines have shown that one of the places most exposed to piston damage are the combustion chambers. There is a concentration of thermomechanical stress at the edge of the combustion chamber, which may lead to the destruction of the piston and the necessity to carry out overhaul of the drive unit. One of the technologies that optimizes the strength of this zone is the DuralBowl local remelting process. This process allows for several timesimprovement in the fatigue strength of pistons in internal combustion engines. The article analyzes the thermomechanical load on the combustion chamber along with the impact of this load on the durability of pistons in diesel engines. An analysis of the DuralBowl process was also performed, aimed at eliminating the negative effects of loading the combustion chamber, extending the piston life. The analysis focused on the microstructure of the material before and after the DuralBowl process.
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Repair methodology of a piezoelectric injector utilizing components obtained from selective decomposition
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Assessment of the effectiveness of mounting the aircraft piston combustion engine on a test stand
Grzegorz M. Szymański, Marek Waligórski, Wojciech Misztal
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