Analysis of the possibilities to achieve adiabatization process of combustion surrounded by inactive gases in Rapid Compression Machine
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Publication date: 2017-02-01
Combustion Engines 2017,168(1), 27–31
In this work non-combustible gases impact on combustion processes studies is performed. Research was performed in a optically accessible rapid compression machine (RCM) under spark ignition engine conditions. The distribution of the swirl charge in the relation to adopted for analysis sequence of gas delivery to the chamber was varied with regard to the main injection. Authors investigate the influence of these sequence on the combustion and the ignition delay of the main injection and the overall combustion characteristics. The aim of this work is the experimental recognition of possibilities of creating combustible mixtures of light hydrocarbon fuels surrounded by non-combustible gases affecting the function of the inhibitor. Specifying the ability of preparation and combustion of mixtures in such systems enables the scientific analysis of adiabatization of the combustion process of fuel-air mixtures in the operating chambers. Theoretical analysis of the issues indicates possibility of obtaining such a stratification of the charge, that the inactive exhaust gases creating the outer ring surround the combustible mixture inside in such a way as to reduce the amount of heat exchanged between the working medium and the walls of the cylinder.