Effect of dodecanol additive on auto-ignition properties of diesel oil and ethanol blends
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Publication date: 2017-08-01
Combustion Engines 2017,170(3), 104–107
In order to increase the possibility of utilizing ethanol to propel the combustion ignition engines, ethanol or methanol blends with diesel oil or other similar fuels are used. However, ethanol has a low solubility index in diesel fuel especially at low temperatures, which requires the use of additives to improve this feature. The paper presents the results of comparative tests of the derived cetane number of diesel fuel blend with ethanol and the addition of dodecanol which is used to improve the miscibility of ethanol with diesel fuel. The results of tests indicate that the effect of dodecanol additive in blended diesel fuel-ethanol on the auto-ignition properties of such fuel is negligible.