Evaluation of usefulness of mass flow meter to the survey of SI engine cylinder filling in one working cycle
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Publication date: 2017-05-01
Combustion Engines 2017,169(2), 187–192
The article presents the technique of the usage of mass flow meter to the fill survey of a cylinder in the multicylinder engine, in each working cycles. The result of correctness of the survey was grounded on the comparison of air masses: the one registered with the usage of the flow meter and the other one calculated on the basis of mixture parameters. The flow meter was located in the consolidated part of suction system in front of the throttle valve. Mixture parameters were determined on the basis of time of fuel injection and measured lzm factor of burnt mixture. The studies were carried out in the whole operating range of engine. Discrepancies between the measured and calculated values for 93% of all of the cycles fall within the ambit of ±3% of the actual value.