Operational properties of performance engine intake air cleaners
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Publication date: 2018-02-01
Combustion Engines 2018,172(1), 25–34
The paper presents an analysis of the design of air cleaners in performance vehicles. The paper confirms that their fundamental property is a much lower flow resistance compared to standard air cleaners. The consequences of replacing a standard air filter element with a performance one have been described. The impact of this modification i.e. an increase (decrease) in the engine torque and power output has been shown. A need to perform tests related to the filtration properties of performance air cleaners has been indicated. A methodology of laboratory research has been developed for performance vehicle air cleaners. The results of the research on the filtration efficiency and accuracy characteristics have been presented along with the flow resistance of air filter elements/air cleaners depending on the dust absorbance coefficient km. The accuracy of the filter element has been evaluated following a Pamas particle counter measurement.