A growing position of methanol and hydrogen as energy carriers in the global economy
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Publication date: 2009-11-01
Combustion Engines 2009,139(4), 61-67
The changes taking place in the pool of materials available for the production of energy carriers and for the global chemical industry have been characterized. The report was prepared with due consideration of the growing population of our planet and the development of our civilization. The hydrogen production methods have been described. Subsequently, the research findings have been provided on catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol and hydrocarbons in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process.
Analysis of the potential of electro-waste as a source of hydrogen to power low-emission vehicle powertrains.
Mateusz Wesołowski, Mohamad Hamid, Piotr Mońka, Anna Janicka
Combustion Engines
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