Investigation of exhaust emissions and ammonia flow behavior in the exhaust system incorporating with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit is discussed. An aftertreatment system is designed to work without additional urea injection to improve feasible temperature of operating and reduce size. This study is focused on obtaining optimal parameters for catalysis using gaseus ammonia as reducing agent. Its effectiveness is considered as a function of basic parameters of exhaust gases mixture and SCR material characteristics. A 3D geometry of SCR with porous volume has been simulated using Ansys Fluent. Moreover, a 1D model of ammonia dual-fuel CI engine has been obtained. Results were focused on obtaining local temperature, velocity, and exhaust gases composition to predict optimal probes placement, pipes insulation parameters, and characteristic dimensions.
This work was funded by Norway and Poland contract (Contract NO. NOR/POLNOR/ACTIVATE/0046/2019-00) in ACTIVATE Project. Further information:
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