Analysis of air flow velocity distribution in the intake system of an SI engine
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Opole University of Technology.
Publication date: 2017-05-01
Combustion Engines 2017,169(2), 152-157
The conditions of air flow in the intake determine power generated by the engine to a large extent. The biggest resistances in flow of the air sucked or pumped into the engine are generated by the throttle, which is at the same time the main component which allows for regulation of engine power. For the purpose of research conducted in this work, time density of engine work points in analyzed velocity profiles was determined with the use of Engine Road Load Simulator. Thanks to the knowledge of time velocity, it was possible to determine throttle positions at which the engine operates most frequently. With the use of image analysis methods, obtained parameters were experimentally researched, considering flow disturbances which are the effect of air flow through the throttle and uneven air distribution in the intake manifold of a four-cylinder engine.
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Jarosław Mamala, Mariusz Graba, Andrzej Bieniek, Krzysztof Prażnowski, Krystian Hennek, Szymon Kołodziej, Bartosz Mazurek, Maciej Sproch
Combustion Engines
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