Analysis of balancing of four stroke V6 engines
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Publication date: 2013-11-01
Combustion Engines 2013,155(4), 44-55
Analysis of balance of V6 engines with a common-pin crankshaft depending on a cylinder bank angle and the crank radius to connecting rod length ratios l based on the relations derived is presented in the paper. The bank angles providing the lowest moment of inertia forces in reciprocating motion for selected l values were determined. The position of the plane of the main counterweights in order to maximum balance of the moment of the first order inertia forces and degree of its balancing in the function of the cylinder bank angle were also defined in the paper. The position of the balancing shaft with respect to the crankshaft to fully balance the moments of the first order inertia forces was also determined. Apart from the quality of balancing, also other criteria for the selection of the cylinder bank angle of vehicle engines were indicated in the paper.
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