Analysis of influence of using catalyst and polar additives on engine performance and exhaust emission
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.
Publication date: 2019-05-01
Combustion Engines 2019,177(2), 3-6
In the paper researches of influence of using catalyst and polar additives on engine performance and emission of exhaust were carried out. The tests were made on diesel engine DuraTorq-TDDi/TDCi 16v with a capacity of 1998cm3 produced by Ford company. Two additives were investigated: FMAX – catalytic additive to fuel and HDOS – polar additive to lubricating oil in different proportions. The results indicated that using tested additives has a positive effect on exhaust composition (lower concentrations of nitrogen oxides, soot and carbon monoxide) and also decreased fuel consumption.
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