This article discusses the possibilities of powering a commonly used diesel engine with renewable fuels. It analyses scientific studies that clearly indicate that the use of hydrogen is a potentially future-proof option due to its potential to reduce specific fuel consumption and improve performance and increase thermal efficiency. The research was carried out on a laboratory bench designed to test a diesel engine fueled by different fuels. A proprietary hydrogen injection system with dedicated control software was used. Hydrogen injection pressures of 1,5, 1,8, 2,0 MPa and hydrogen injector opening times of 2,5, 3,0, 3,5 ms, respectively, were set as control parameters. The rapidly varying engine operating parameters were recorded and the parameters calculated from them were analysed.
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Evaluation of a pressure sensing glow plug in terms of its application possibility to control the combustion process of a hydrogen-powered spark-ignition engine
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Hydrogen, the future of aviation
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Prospects for the development of drivetrain systems in trucks
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