Correlation between two commercially available PMP-compliant particle number counting systems
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Publication date: 2012-05-01
Combustion Engines 2012,149(2), 10-21
As a result of increased concern over the toxicological effects of particulate matter (PM) emitted by compression ignition vehicles, the European Union (EU) has introduced a particle number (PN) limit. This represents a significant departure from the traditional gravimetric approach of quantifying PM emissions, and introduces unique challenges to the automotive testing process. The legislation sets certain limits and guidelines for systems designed to quantify particle number emissions, but the legislation currently has some flexibility regarding system layout, operating temperatures, etc. In this work, two commercially available particle counting systems were tested with a variety of Euro 5 light-duty CI vehicles equipped with particulate filters (DPFs). The results indicate a small but reasonably consistent discrepancy between the two systems, with a mean difference of 9.3%. Possible causes of this difference (which was not observed in all cases) are discussed in the context of the current EU light-duty CI PN limit, and possibilities for future research directions are suggested.
Uncertainty of laboratory and portable solid particle number systems for regulatory measurements of vehicle emissions
Barouch Giechaskiel, Tero Lähde, Anastasios Melas, Victor Valverde, Michaël Clairotte
Environmental Research
Reproducibility of the 10-nm Solid Particle Number Methodology for Light-Duty Vehicles Exhaust Measurements
Tero Lähde, Barouch Giechaskiel, Giorgio Martini, Joseph Woodburn, Piotr Bielaczyc, Daniel Schreiber, Mathias Huber, Eggenschwiler Dimopoulos, Corrado Fittavolini, Salvatore Florio, Leonardo Pellegrini, Norbert Schuster, Ulf Kirchner, Hiroyuki Yamada, Jean-Claude Momique, Richard Monier, Yitu Lai, Timo Murtonen, Joonas Vanhanen, Athanasios Mamakos, Christos Dardiotis, Yoshinori Otsuki, Jürgen Spielvogel
Impact of Material on Response and Calibration of Particle Number Systems
Barouch Giechaskiel, Anastasios Melas
A Technical Overview of Particulate Exhaust Emissions in the Post-RDE Era
Joseph Woodburn, Piotr Bielaczyc, Barouch Giechaskiel
SAE Technical Paper Series
Comparison of exhaust emission results obtained from Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) and a laboratory system
Borys Adamiak, Andrzej Szczotka, Joseph Woodburn, Jerzy Merkisz
Combustion Engines
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