The article presents simulation strength calculations of a newly designed crankshaft for a PZL 100 engine with a reciprocating piston design. This engine is the subject of a research and development project co-financed by NCBR. The article presents four successive versions of the crankshaft geometric changes which underwent strength calculations. Such elements as the outer and inner parts of the crankshaft arm were changed in these geometric versions. The geometry of the shaft was changed using Catia v5 software, while strength calculations were carried out in Abaqus software. In summary, one of the presented models was selected for further work due to the possible simplification of the manufacturing process and the reduction of mass and stresses. This model was further investigated in the project.
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Investigation of novel ceramic materials (Al2O3 and SSiC) for high-pressure pumps’ delivery sections
Marek Idzior, Wojciech Karpiuk, Rafal Smolec
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