Effect of different biofuels on common rail injector flow rate
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Lublin University of Technology
Faculty of Production Engineering at University of Life Sciences
Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Poznań.
Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 39-43
In this study dynamic flow rates of a common rail injector using diesel fuel and different biofuels were determined. As biofuels, fatty acid methyl esters originating from canola, poultry, cattle and used cooking oil were tested. The tested fuels exhibited different physical properties e.g. density and viscosity. Measurements of the injector delivery rates were performed on a test stand designed for determination of injectors and injection pumps characteristics. Each fuel was tested at temperatures between 30 and 60°C, under injection pressure in the range of 30–180 MPa and injection time in the range of 200–1600 microseconds. The results showed differences in injector flow rates depending on used fuel, however different fuel properties affected amount of fuel injected especially at short injection durations.
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