Experts forecasts on the demand for energy carriers in motor vehicle transport in Poland up to year 2035
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Motor Transport Institute.
Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 162-165
Presentation of the number of passenger cars, vehicles other than passenger cars with GVM up to 3.5 tons and above 3.5 tons (trucks, buses and special vehicles), registered in Poland as at the end of 2015, with types of energy carriers. Forecasts of transport performance of the vehicle fleet and the forecast of the fleet volume in Poland by year 2035. Expert forecasts of energy carriers con-sumption (petrol, diesel oil, LPG, CNG, electric power, hydrogen) up to year 2035.
The “Polish vehicle fleet” is understood as vehicles registered in Poland, owned by individuals and business entities.
WAŚKIEWICZ, J., RADZIMIRSKI, S., TAUBERT, S. Opracowanie metodologii prognozowania zmian aktywności sektora transportu drogowego (w kontekście ustawy o systemie zarządzania emisjami gazów cieplarnianych i innych substancji. Study of MTI no. 7101/ZBE, November 2011. Study performed for MTBiGM pursuant to contract no. 0270/2011 of 29 July 2011.
TAUBERT, S. Bilans paliw z transportu drogowego w 2015 r. Study of MTS no. 11610/COŚ; Warsaw, July 2017.
The „minimum” variant of the transport performance of trucks and the „maximum” variant as regards far-distance bus transport and the „optimistic” variant as regards city bus transport in the forecast of the Gdańsk University of 2017.
The official statistics (Main Statistical Office – GUS) do not distinguish BEVs and hybrid (combustion & electric) vehicles.
According to Adam Karolak, President of the Economic Chamber of Urban Transport [IGKM];
GIS, W., MENES, E., WAŚKIEWICZ, J. et al. Przesłanki narodowego planu wodoryzacji transportu samochodowego w Polsce [Prerequisites of the national plan of hydrogenisation of motor transport in Poland] Report prepared within the framework HIT-2 Corridors project implemented by an international consortium; Project co-financed under EU funds within the scope of TEN-T; Study financed from the funds for science in 2015 granted for an international project co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; Paper of the Motor Transport Institute no. 5502/ITS, Warsaw, November 2015.
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The Inventory of Pollutants Hazardous to the Health of Living Organisms, Emitted by Road Transport in Poland between 1990 and 2017
Katarzyna Bebkiewicz, Zdzisław Chłopek, Jakub Lasocki, Krystian Szczepański, Magdalena Zimakowska-Laskowska
Experimental Analysis of Residential Photovoltaic (PV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems in Terms of Annual Energy Utilization
Wojciech Cieslik, Filip Szwajca, Wojciech Golimowski, Andrew Berger
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