Testing of real driving emissions (RDE) offers the opportunity to collect the data about the emissions in special driving, or non-driving situations. These situations are: cold start, warm-up of the engine, stop & go and idling. In the present work, the definitions of the special driving situations were proposed, the emissions of 7 passenger cars (gasoline & Diesel) were extracted from the present RDE data and some special driving situations, particularly the stop & go operation with varying share of idling were reproduced on chassis dynamometer. As expected, the emissions of CO, NOx and PN are in the cold start and in the first part of the warm-up phase (c.a. 25s) considerably higher than in the rest of the investigated urban phase. The singular emitting situations like “stop & go” or idling occur frequently in the warm-up phase, i.e. in the city operation when the engine and the exhaust system are still not warm enough.
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SAE Technical Paper Series
The concept of a mobile automated diagnostic and dynamometer station for heavy trucks
Janusz Chojnowski
Combustion Engines
The Concept of Determining Route Signatures in Urban and Extra-Urban Driving Conditions Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
Arkadiusz Małek, Jacek Caban, Agnieszka Dudziak, Andrzej Marciniak, Ján Vrábel
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