Method for assessing the technical condition of marine diesel engine driving the synchronous generator
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Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Polish Naval Academy.
Publication date: 2019-05-01
Combustion Engines 2019,177(2), 139-144
The paper presents an innovative method for assessing technical condition of a marine diesel engine that drives synchronous generator. It is based on the measurement and analysis of generators phase-to-phase voltage. Additionally, it requires the measurement of a pseudoperiodic signal [3] with a period equal to duration of engines working cycle. The basis for developing method was the assumption that rotational speed fluctuations of an engines crankshaft (and also the generator) depend on a course of a working process carried out in it. The generators phase-to-phase voltage is directly dependent on a rotational speed fluctuation of its rotor. It must therefore be possible to assess a course of a working process of an engine based on a voltage waveform of a synchronous generator that cooperates ogether.
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