The paper presents a method of testing piezoelectric fuel injectors in modern common rail systems, which allows them to be repaired almost to the full extent. The obtained results indicate that this process can be effectively carried out, even taking into account the existing technological limitations. The most important stages of the implemented activities are specified, first of all the scope of required maintenance activities in the pre- and post-assembly stages, as well as the types of diagnostic tests carried out on separate test benches. Although the presented analysis concerns a specific example, individual conclusions and observations can be applied to fuel injectors from other manufacturers, in which the actuator is not replaceable.
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Repair methodology of a piezoelectric injector utilizing components obtained from selective decomposition
Tomasz Stoeck
Combustion Engines
Diagnostic method for a piezoelectric injector using the Newton-Cotes formula
Tomasz Stoeck
Combustion Engines
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