The paper presents the author's own method for testing piezoelectric common rail fuel injectors, which for many years were considered non-repairable components. This was mainly due to the lack of availability of spare parts and dedicated measuring equipment, enabling full diagnostics under test bench conditions. As a result, their workshop and laboratory servicing was very limited, as effective disassembly concerned basicaly only the plunger and barrel assembly (needle with nozzle) for selected reference models. The situation has now improved to such an extent that an author’s own regeneration procedure has been proposed with the replacement of the most important controls and actuators. The tests were carried out on the example of Siemens VDO Continental PCR 2.3 fuel injectors from one engine, listing the most important stages of this process, including the correction of fuel dosage and returns.
The paper was created thanks to the cooperation with AUTO NEXT SERWIS service company based in Szczecin (Prawobrzeże Quarter), which provided test benches, apparatus and accessories used in the regeneration process of the tested fuel injectors.
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Tomasz Stoeck
Combustion Engines
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Tomasz Stoeck
Combustion Engines
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