Research and analysis of the results from the tribotester test for piston
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wrocław University of Technology
Publication date: 2017-05-01
Combustion Engines 2017,169(2), 14-17
Piston – ring – cylinder assembly of combustion engine has a lot of friction pairs examples, also one of them which decide about fastness to wear, it means first sealing ring – cylinder, called further very simply ring – cylinder unit. During work of this unit we can observe wear of piston, precisely – of coating which is deposited on ring to prolong service life. Objective of this work was to realize a test of roll-block type on tribotester to set durability of piston sample. Within the framework of this test were investigated a prototyped piston’s rings with diamond embankment. Piston rings are made of diamond coating technology with a porous chromium coating, where in pores is deposited on said diamond powder with a grain size about 1 micron. The work will be carried out of an analysis of collaboration piston – rings – cylinder unit in internal combustion engine and an analysis of the use of hard materials in friction pairs, including powders. The work aims to show the possibilities and benefits of the application of new protective coatings to reduce their wearing, which is consistent with the observed trend of technology development.
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