The application of gas dissolved in fuel with a view to improve the mechanism of spraying
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Publication date: 2005-02-01
Combustion Engines 2005,120(1), 4-18
In the non-equilibrium states of a solution, formed as a result of dissolving gas in a liquid, the gaseous phase is spontaneously released from the solution. This process has a volumetric character and at the appropriate kinetics it is strong enough to be accompanied by the effervescence (bubbling) of the liquid. The authors have undertaken an attempt to evaluate the possibility of applying this process for improving the fuel spraying mechanism in the diesel engines. This paper presents the first part of their work. In this paper presents a concept of the improvement of spraying by adding gas to fuel oil, its dissolving at a high pressure and the use of the effect which accompanies its release during the injection of fuel, for improving the spraying mechanism accompanying its release during the injection of fuel??. The mechanism of spraying improvement has been explained and the general requirements listed, which have to be fulfilled by a fuel injection system design to make the use of gas possible. An evaluation of energetic changes of the fuel stream caused by the presence of gas has been made and the potential possibilities of the extension of the combustion process control, mentioned in the conclusions
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