The use of renewable fuels may be an action leading to the reduction of pollutant emissions. This group includes biobutanol as a product of biomass fermentation. Some of its physicochemical properties, including the ability to mix with hydrocarbon fuels, make it suitable for use as a fuel component for marine diesel engines. The article presents the results of research on the concentration of exhaust gas components of a Sulzer 6AL20 / 24 diesel engine powered by a mixture of n-butane and diesel oil. The emission intensity were calculated for the tested components: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The emission intensity surface graphs were created based on the calculated data. The tests were carried out using different concentrations of the mixture of n-butanol and marine fuel.
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Environmental characteristics of marine diesel engine fueled by butanol
Tomasz Kniaziewicz, Ryszard Zadrąg, Artur Bogdanowicz
Renewable Energy
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