The article presents the results of analysis of operational parameters of piston engine CA 912 ULT which is a propulsion system of ultralight gyroplane Tercel produced by Aviation Artur Trendak. Research was conducted under normal operating conditions of the autogyro and data was collected from 20 independent tests including a total of 28 flight hours, divided into training flights and competition flights.Engine speed, manifold air pressure and temperature, fuel pressure, injection time, and head temperature were recorded at 9 Hz during each flight. Collective results were presented to show the statistical analyses of the individual parameters by determining the mean values, standard deviations and histograms of the distribution of these parameters. Histograms of operating points defined by both engine speed and manifold air pressure were also determined. Analyses of the engine dynamics as a distribution of the rate of change of the engine rotational speed were also carried out. It was shown that the engine operating points are concentrated mainly in the range of idle and power above 50% of nominal power. The most frequent range is 70-80% of nominal power. It was also shown that the dynamics of engine work in real operating conditions is small. It was also shown that the way of use significantly influences the distribution of operating points. During training flights, an increase in the number of take-offs and landings causes an increase in the amount of engine work at take-off and nominal power and at idle.
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Influence of oil service life on selected performance parameters of an aircraft piston engine
Michał Trendak, Jacek Czarnigowski
Combustion Engines
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