Tyre rolling resistance and its influence on fuel consumption
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Mechanical Faculty at the Technical University of Gdańsk.
Publication date: 2017-02-01
Combustion Engines 2017,168(1), 62-67
Rolling resistance of tyres is one of the major resistive forces acting on any wheeled vehicle. Unfortunately, it is also one of the forces very difficult to measure. It is estimated that in certain traffic conditions (like for example constant speed driving with slow or moderate speed) so called Rolling Resistance Impact Factor may be as high as 0.3. This means that reduction of rolling resistance by 50% would lead to 15% of energy savings. The paper presents road measuring method of tyre rolling resistance and unique equipment used by the Technical University of Gdańsk designed to perform measurements of passenger car tyres. It also discusses road pavement, tyre and environmental conditions influence on rolling resistance. Also selected data describing current situation related to rolling resistance on different road pavements and rolling resistance of modern passenger car tyres including tyres specially designed for electric and hybrid vehicles are presented.
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