Experimental research and CFD analysis of flow parameters in a SCR system for the original part and WALKER’s replacement
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Publication date: 2019-10-01
Combustion Engines 2019,179(4), 13–20
The article presents the results of experimental research and their comparison with CFD simulations for the original selective catalytic reduction system and WALKER replacement. The research was performed to develop the WALKER universal mixer. The SCR prototype without mixer and with the proposed mixer were tested and compared with the original VW part. The next step was reverse engineering, which consisted in scanning the tested parts with a laser and processing their point cloud in Leios2 program. Reverse engineering has allowed the reconstruction of 3D geometry of the tested parts in the Catia v5 program and then preparation their models for computational fluid dynamics. Numerical simulations were carried out in the Ansys Fluent program, thanks to which several quantities were determined e.g. uniformity index of gas flow through the monolith and coefficient of variation as a measure of mixing degree, which have a significant impact on the design of the mixer and the SCR system.