Improvement of BSFC and effective NOx and PM reduction by high EGR rates in heavy duty diesel engine
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Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 4–10
The test engine was a turbocharged 10.5L engine with an intercooler. A performance target was set at a rated power of 300 kW (BMEP = 1.7 MPa) and peak torque of 1842 Nm (BMEP = 2.2 MPa). Emission targets were set at a level of near future and stringent regulation standards in Japan. The engine was equipped with new technologies such as a high pressure common rail system, FCD piston, a high pressure ratio VGT and an aftertreatment system. The high and low pressure loop EGR system was installed and this system with a VGT had a high performance and could increase an EGR rate in order to reduce BSNOx while maintaining the satisfied BSFC and PM performance simultaneously not only in the steady state condition but also in the transient condition.