Pressure measurement in the cylinder of four-stroke marine engine – simulation analysis
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Publication date: 2019-05-01
Combustion Engines 2019,177(2), 36–39
The measurement of combustion pressure relies on connecting a pressure sensor to a four-stroke marine engine cylinder by a channel led out from the engine cylinder. The geometry of the channel distorts the results of combustion pressure measurements. The purpose of the work is to create a model of combustion processes in engine cylinders. The model uses a mathematical description of the indicator channel on one of the engine cylinders. The input data to the model and the data necessary for its verification came from the direct measurements on the research facility. The test object was a four-stroke Sulzer 3AL25/30 engine loaded by an electric power generator. During calculations, different diameters and lengths of measurement channel were simulated. The obtained results allowed to formulate the conclusion that the geometry of the measurement channel has a significant impact on the measurement results. The increase of the length of the measuring channel as well as the diameter of the channel causes disturbances in the measurement of the maximum pressure.