Testing of the fleet of the vehicles with diesel engines fed by BIOXDIESEL fuel
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Publication date: 2017-08-01
Combustion Engines 2017,170(3), 37–41
The paper presents results of testing of the fleet of the parcel delivery vehicles, equipped with the Diesel engines fed by biofuel BIOXDIESEL, manufactured on the way of the ethanol esterification process of the waste vegetable and animal fats, with the addition of the standard diesel fuel and pure ethanol. The comparison results of the vehicles test bed on the beginning of the testing and at the end of the testing, when vehicles were fueled with standard diesel and testing biofuel. The results of the testing at non-stationary states are also presented. The paper presents also results of the drivers evaluation of the performance of the vehicles based on the questionnaire. Presented results show that the BIOXDIESEL fuel is fully replaceable to the standard diesel fuel.