The use of glycerine as motor fuel
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Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 166–172
Glycerine as waste from production accounts for about 10% of the obtained amount of biodiesel. It is a very attractive substance for the industry, however, currently the industry is not able to absorb such a large amount of glycerine produced during the production of fuel. Therefore, one should look for other ways of disposing of glycerol with simultaneous benefit in the form of energy yield or useful products / semi-finished products. The development of glycerine is necessary due to the continuous development of the biofuel market. In the near future, surplus glycerine may pose serious problems in the growth of biodiesel production. The publication presents the results of scientific research on the use of liquid technical glycerine and its processing products in the gasification process, as engine fuel.