The research aims to recognize the potential of adopting the model-based design methodology to the development process of an LPG fuelling system. Changing regulations often force the modern development of internal combustion engines (Euro 7, CO2 reduction measures, etc.). With the definitive ban on new registrations of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines in Europe (planned for 2035), there is still ongoing development of the adaptation of the fuelling system to LPG. There is still market potential in adapting new internal combustion engines, usually equipped with direct injection systems, to reduce customers’ cost of ownership of a vehicle. As the engineering process should be accelerated in the face of the variety of direct injection systems offered by OEMs, the model-based design methodology is proposed to make the development more effective. The article presents the SWOT analysis of this approach in the engineering process and the potential of the method in an LPG system development is concluded.
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