The article presents results of investigation on the combustion of a mixture of oil from pyrolysis of tires and basic fuel in an internal combustion reciprocating piston engine. The tested fuel consisted of: diesel oil and oil from pyrolysis of tires at amount of 10% by volume. The tests were carried out on a single-cylinder naturally aspirated compression-ignition engine. The engine is equipped with a common rail fuel injection system and an electronic control unit that allows changing injection timing. A comparative analysis of pressure-volume charts for the reference fuel, which was diesel, and for a mixture of diesel with the addition of 10% oil from tire pyrolysis was carried out during the study. Injector characteristics for the reference fuel and the mixture were determined. Engine efficiency for both fuels was determined. Unrepeatability of the engine work cycles for the diesel fuel and the tested mixture was calculated. Finally, the share of toxic exhaust components in exhaust gases was analyzed. It was found that pyrolisys oil from tires can be used as additive to regular diesel fuel at amount up to 10%, however, toxic exhaust gases emission was increased.
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