The dual fuel (DF) combustion mode is proven solution that allows to improve or get at the same level engine performance and reduce toxic compounds in exhaust gases which is confirmed by researchers and end-users. DF combustion mode uses two fuels gaseous fuel as a primary energy source and a pilot quantity of diesel fuel as ignition source. However, in order, to fully take advantage of the potential of the dual fuel mode, DF system must be proper calibrated. Despite the existence of commercial control systems for dual fuel engines on the market, the literature on the important parameters for the engine's operation introduced during calibration is scarce. This article briefly describes a concept of working algorithm and calibration strategy of a dual fuel electronic control unit (ECU) The purpose of calibration is to achieve the greatest possible use of an alternative gaseous fuel without causing accelerated engine wear.
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Combustion Engines
CMOS Interface Circuits for High-Voltage Automotive Signals
Andrea Boni, Michele Caselli, Alessandro Magnanini, Matteo Tonelli
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