The paper aims to present a generating set selection methodology for a modernized diesel locomotive. An analysis of the number of rolling stock, with particular emphasis on the number of diesel locomotives owned by national carriers was performed. Based on the popularity of the locomotives operated on Polish railways, the TEM2 locomotive was chosen to be the base reference for the modernized 19D locomotive described in the paper. The scope of the locomotive's modernization was described. Modernization included: replacement of the internal combustion engine, replacement of the generator set, installation of a new braking system with a pneumatic board and air preparation and treatment system, application of a modern control and diagnostics system with anti-slip system at start-up and braking, and the installation of railway traffic safety devices.
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Modern combustion-electric PowerPack drive system design solutions for a hybrid two-unit rail vehicle
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Analysis of the selection of the auxiliary drive system for a special purpose hybrid rail vehicle
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Application of alternative drive systems in modern special-purpose rail vehicles
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Technical aspects of the selection of an engine-generator set for a dual-drive locomotive
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Combustion Engines
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