The article presents the results of a numerical simulation of the working process carried out in a diesel engine. In the applied utility program DIESEL-RK, the laboratory engine Farymann Diesel type D10 was implemented. A selected inoperability of its functional fuel supply system - reduced opening pressure of the injector pinj - was introduced. The values of adequate diagnostic parameters were determined: working gas temperature in the cylinder Tcyl, exhaust gas temperature Texh, combustion (flame) temperature Tcomb and concentration of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas NOx. Experimental tests were carried out on the experimental engine with the inoperative condition actually introduced, analogous to the numerical simulation, and the diagnostic parameters Texh and NOx were recorded. The results obtained by numerical simulation of the processes and during the active experiment on the experimental engine were compared.
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Adoption of the F-statistic of Fisher-Snedecor distribution to analyze importance of impact of modifications of injector opening pressure of a compression ignition engine on specific enthalpy value of exhaust gas flow
Patrycja Puzdrowska
Combustion Engines
Evaluation of the impact of supplying a marine diesel engine with a mixture of diesel oil and n-butanol on its efficiency and emission of toxic compounds
Marcin Zacharewicz, Paweł Socik, Paweł Wirkowski, Ryszard Zadrąg, Artur Bogdanowicz
Combustion Engines
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