Future mobility without internal combustion engines and fuels?
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Publication date: 2013-11-01
Combustion Engines 2013,155(4), 3-15
For many decades to come, and in the foreseeable future, internal combustion engines – in many cases with electric motors – will be with us, just like the liquid fuels they require. The importance of crude oil will decline, as these fuels will be increasingly produced on a synthetic basis without CO2 emissions. The answers to the question ”Future Mobility without Internal Combustion Engines and Fuels?“ are “no” in both cases. Purely battery-electric mobility will be applied in the future only in specific areas. Fuel-cell vehicles will hardly be used because of the extreme infrastructure investment costs. In contrast, liquid fuels will ensure the future of mobility. In this scenario, energy such as solar or wind energy will be generated without CO2 emissions.
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