Global trends in emissions regulation and reduction (perspectives from the 1st International Exhaust Emissions Symposium)
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Publication date: 2010-07-01
Combustion Engines 2010,142(3), 3-27
BOSMAL recently hosted the First International Exhaust Emissions Symposium, which featured thirteen presentations on the topics of emissions regulation and the influences this legislation exerts on test procedures, emissions reduction efforts and drivetrain technologies. Emissions test methods and facilities will have to alter to reflect the reduced emissions limits to be introduced in the near future. Emissions reduction efforts include further development of catalyst systems and the development of fuels. Biofuels and biofuel blends are key in this area. Advanced lubricants will also play a key role. The potential for synergy between these actors is evident. In addition to aftertreatment systems, drivetrain technologies such as hybrid drive and exhaust gas reformation clearly have the potential for substantial emissions reduction for a wide range of pollutant species. Automotive research is at the heart of each of these areas of development, and will be ongoing in the industry’s continued efforts regarding harmful exhaust emissions.
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