HCCI with standard and alternative fuels at moderate compression ratios
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Publication date: 2006-02-01
Combustion Engines 2006,124(1), 3-20
Work with different fuels: gasoline, natural gas, biogas, ethanol, propane, mixtures of gasoline and diesel at the authors’ Future Power Systems Group in Birmingham University reveals great potential for the use of moderate compression ratio engines (from 10.4 to 15), particularly when additional engine facilities such as EGR (external and internal via negative valve overlap and low lift cams), some degree of intake heating and/or hydrogen addition (from fuel reforming) are employed. Possibilities, benefits and demands of these technologies are outlined, additional challenges specific to application of HCCI in multi-cylinder engines in vehicle applications are discussed and on-going work on the CHASE (Controlled Homogeneous Autoignition Supercharged Engine) is outlined. The team who contributed to this work includes colleagues from Birmingham University, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Matthey plc, National Engineering Laboratory and Shell Global Solutions.
An experimental study of fuel injection strategies in CAI gasoline engine
J. Hunicz, P. Kordos
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
Experimental Study of Particulate Emissions for Direct Hydrogen Injection in a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine
Ksenia Siadkowska
SAE Technical Paper Series
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