Verification of the concept of spray mechanism assisted with air dissolved in diesel oil
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Publication date: 2006-02-01
Combustion Engines 2006,124(1), 21-37
In reference to the paper “The application of gas dissolved in fuel with a view to improve the mechanism of spraying“ [1], this article continues with the issue of spray mechanism improvements. It includes the results of tests with a one-cylinder CI engine powered with a solution of diesel oil and air. The proposed changes in the spray mechanism were evaluated contrastively. The analysis encompasses: indicator pressure in the cylinder as well as the maximum value of pressure increase rate, self-ignition delay angle, the time span of combustion, the content of carbon oxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas, as well as the degree of exhaust gas blackening. Some positive changes in the combustion process, induced by the improvements in spray mechanism, have been shown.
Application of Gas Dissolved in Fuel in the Aspect of a Hypocycloidal Pump Design
Maciej Bajerlein, Wojciech Karpiuk, Rafał Smolec
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