Impact of EGR control at in-cylinder pressure and ecological properties of CI off-road vehicle engine
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Opole University of Technology
Publication date: 2017-08-01
Combustion Engines 2017,170(3), 88-95
An attempt has been made to clarify the effect of wide-ranging control of the exhaust gas recirculation system on the cylinder pressure and ecological engine performance. This publication contains the results of tests performed on the CI (compression ignition) engine of the off-road vehicle mounted on the test bench. The study was based on advanced EGR control with a proportional valve and a very efficient exhaust gases cooling system. Analysis of the test results is based on the cylinder pressure and the concentration of NOx and PM components at exhaust gases. The study included the influence of the exhaust gas recirculation system control on parameters such as differential pressure, MBF, and relative NOx and PM emissions. As demonstrated by the analysis conducted, the EGR valve control method and the exhaust gas cooling intensity significantly affect the cylinder pressure and its ecological performance.
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Influence of preparation and analysis methods on determination of Rh, Pd and Pt content in automotive catalysts samples
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