Potentials for NOx and CO2 reduction of combined NSC + passive SCR system in Diesel passenger car application
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Publication date: 2014-06-01
Combustion Engines 2014,157(2), 68-76
The stringent pollutant and CO2 emission limitation in upcoming legislation norms for Diesel passenger car applications force the introduction of exhaust aftertreatment systems with maximum purification and energetic efficiency. The state-off-the-art technologies for NOx reduction, NOx storage and reduction catalyst (NSC) and selective catalytic reduction catalyst (SCR), show challenges for robust performance under strongly extended emission relevant operation conditions from cold start to high engine load and speed. One technical solution is the combination of NSC and passive SCR. This paper presents the experimental results obtained in the EU project “Powerful”. On engine test bench and demon-strator vehicle, an exhaust aftertreatment system combining NSC, passive SCR and fuel reformer technology was developed and experimentally investigated steady-state and on road. The engine independent NSC operation offers potentials for lowered fuel consumption penalty by avoiding engine rich operation. The intrinsic NH3 formation during the NSC regeneration is used for additional NOx conversion on the passive SCR and reduces NOx and CO2 emission.
Assessment of retrofit devices for the Horizon 2020 Cleanest Engine and Vehicle Retrofit Prizes
Barouch Giechaskiel, Ricardo Suarez-Bertoa, Anastasios Melas, Tommaso Selleri, Maurizio Maggiore
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Evaluation of the real-time de-NOx performance characteristics of a LNT-equipped Euro-6 diesel passenger car with various vehicle emissions certification cycles
Cha-Lee Myung, Wonwook Jang, Sangil Kwon, Jinyoung Ko, Dongyoung Jin, Simsoo Park
Composition/Performance Evaluation of Lean NOxTrap Catalysts for Coupling with SCR Technology
Simon Schönebaum, Jürgen Dornseiffer, Peter Mauermann, Bernd Wolkenar, Stefan Sterlepper, Egbert Wessel, Riza Iskandar, Joachim Mayer, Thomas Weirich, Stefan Pischinger, Olivier Guillon, Ulrich Simon
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