The effect of applying the eco-driving rules on the exhaust emissions
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Publication date: 2013-11-01
Combustion Engines 2013,155(4), 66-74
The article presents the results of measurements of exhaust emissions of commercial vehicle in real traffic conditions. The aim of this study was to initial verification how the driving style affects on the exhaust emissions from vehicle engine and fuel consumption. The determinants were the measurements of the concentration of CO2 and others harmful substances emitted to the atmosphere from the power unit of the tested vehicle. In the measurements a portable exhaust emission analyzer was used (PEMS type).
Eco-driving: knowledge and behavior of polish drivers
Piotr Czechowski, Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, Tomasz Czuba, O. Dębicka, W. Rogula-Kozłowska, P. Rogula-Kopiec
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Testing the way of driving a vehicle in real road conditions
Michał Gruszczyński, Rafał Jurecki
Open Engineering
The Influence of the Type and Condition of Road Surfaces on the Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption in the Transport of Timber
Andrzej Ziółkowski, Paweł Fuć, Piotr Lijewski, Maciej Bednarek, Aleks Jagielski, Władysław Kusiak, Joanna Igielska-Kalwat
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