Driving style analysis based on information from the vehicle
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Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 173–181
The purpose of this study was to analyse the possibility of using information from the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) system of the ve-hicle to determine the characteristics of the drivers driving style. Available data from the OBD system were considered and the most useful ones were selected for further investigation. Selected zero-dimensional characteristics of vehicle velocity as well as characteristics of relative position of the accelerator pedal were proposed as criteria for the assessment of driving style. The tests were carried out in conditions of real road traffic using a passenger car with a spark-ignition engine. The car was equipped with a device for recording signals from the OBD system. The tests included two drivers traveling on routes in the urban and rural areas. The obtained results were used to analyse the driving style of both drivers separately in the considered traffic conditions. On this basis, conclusions on the suitabil-ity of information from the OBD system for the assessment of the drivers driving style were formulated.