Friction reducing performance of carbon nanotubes covered pistons in internal combustion engines – engine test results
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Publication date: 2018-02-01
Combustion Engines 2018,172(1), 14–24
This article discusses the posibility of reducing friction losses in internal combustion engines by using carbon nanotubes, pointing out the large potential of this application. Experimental pistons were made of standard aluminum alloy and coated with a layer of nanotube deposits by spraying them with an aqueous solution containing the binder. The proposed technology of applying layers of nanotubes can be adopted in industrial-scale production. Engine tests were carried out showing a significant reduction of the engine motoring torque, up to 16% for the experimental pistons, thus confirming the favorable tribological properties of nanotubes observed in tribological research and reported by many authors. Supplementary tests were carried out: SEM, EDS, coordinate measuring technique, and x-ray tomography. An alternative technology for hierarchical nanotube multilayer coatings electro-deposition was proposed.