Combustion process of direct injected water-coal mixture in diesel engine
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Publication date: 2016-02-01
Combustion Engines 2016,164(1), 37-43
The paper describes the problem of coal-water mixture combustion process in heavy duty diesel engines in the energetic sector application. In the future due to depletion of crude oil resources we have to foreseen another fuel for application in power plants. Large deposits of coal and lignite in the world enable to utilize these fuels in different thermal machines, especially in internal combustion engines. A carbon powder containing small molecules about 10–20 micrometers dissolved in water is good fuel for applying in large capacity engines in electrical plants. Aqueous emulsion of coal has possibility of good cooling of injectors cooling and has also good lubricity. Initial experimental tests done in the world indicate a higher thermal efficiency of engine fuelled by water coal emulsion than engine fuelled by diesel oil and also gas turbine driven by gas from coal gasification technology. The increased emission of CO2 can be reduced in the plants simply by chemical reduction. The paper explains thermochemical processes taking place in the engines during combustion process. The work parameters results obtained from calculations were compared with those obtained from CI engine fuelled by diesel oil. The paper is a certain challenge for finding a new fuel sources as a competition for crude oil and allows to get acquainted with new engine fuelling technology.
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