The analysis of fuel injection processes in diesel engines showed the convergence of physical parameters affecting the mean diameter of the Sauter SMD (selected as a spray quality parameter) of the atomized fuel droplets and the parameters of the acoustic signal emission originating from the spring waves accompanying the atomization process. In experimental studies, the laser diffraction method was used to measure the atomization quality with the Malvern Spraytec device. For the acoustic signal recording and processing there was used the measurement set with a Fujicera 1045S sensor. The correlation between the values of the Sauter diameter and the energy of the acoustic signal has been obtained on the basis of which a method has been developed to assess the quality of fuel atomization in compression ignition engines by measuring the acoustic signal recorded during the fuel injection process
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Adoption of the F-statistic of Fisher-Snedecor distribution to analyze importance of impact of modifications of injector opening pressure of a compression ignition engine on specific enthalpy value of exhaust gas flow
Patrycja Puzdrowska
Combustion Engines
Analysis of the structure of the atomized fuel spray with marine diesel engine injector in the early stage of injection
Joanna Grochowalska, Piotr Jaworski, Łukasz Kapusta
Combustion Engines
Diagnostic Analysis of Exhaust Gas with A Quick-Changing Temperature from a Marine Diesel Engine Part II / Two Factor Analysis
Patrycja Puzdrowska
Polish Maritime Research
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