The article discusses the results of research on the use of canola oil and canola oil with the addition of n-hexane in a compression-ignition engine. An engine with a Common Rail injection system was tested in real traffic conditions on the road and on a chassis dynamometer. The tested fuels were fed to the engine by an additional fuel supply system. An analysis of the effect of the addition of n-hexane on the emission of the main components of toxic exhaust gases was carried out. The proposed solution may contribute to extending the service life of currently used compression ignition engines due to the improvement of the ecological properties of this type of drive sources.
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Analysis of jatropha oil-kerosene fuel mixtures on the performance of a variable-load direct injection CI engine
Robinson Ejilah, Abiodun Ogbaneme, Osazoduwa Agboneni, Sikiru Adekunle
Combustion Engines
Test Stand for a Motor Vehicle Powered by Different Fuels
Dawid Tatarynow, Rafał Longwic, Przemysław Sander, Łukasz Zieliński, Michał Trojgo, Wincenty Lotko, Paweł Lonkwic
Applied Sciences
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